Why you should choose Sirix WebTrader?

Modern market is too inconsistent, so traders without instant access to global finance network can forget about success.

Trading overview panel

Optimisation and improving the comfort of your trading are main purposes of this panel. You are able to configure tools and actual deals.

Social Network

You are able to track the activity of other traders in real-time, so you have the opportunity to react and analyze instantly. You have an overview of trading strategies for 100 deals, the list of which is constantly updated.


Get the statistics and information about the positions of a specific trader. Watch it in real-time, using the tab of analysis, improve your strategy by learning from other traders mistakes!


Be in touch with the times! This tool provides an innovative opportunity to receive market data and latest tendencies in real-time..

Main Features

Using UIT WebTrader, you get:

  • Instant execution of orders
  • Ergonomic and intuitive interface
  • Trading strategies of other traders in real time
  • Modern methods for analytics and graphs