Even the most experienced trader understands that forex trading includes a lot of risks. We want to aware our clients about possible consequences of financial fluctuations and the market fast lanes. Some traders multiple their capital while others lose. When you understand that, trading goes easier and brings less stress. Also, it helps you to avoid misunderstandings and build productive cooperation with us.

Forewarned, forearmed! Knowledge of basics, rules and terms that regulate investment products, trading and remembering the factors that influence dynamics and cost of investment products, can protect yourself and your capital from rash acts and consequences of it. Pay special attention to price rises, a fast liquidity decreases, high volatility and, first of all, personal factors and unexpected circumstances

Before creating a real account in our company, make time to read the Client Agreement and the Trading Rules, the basic principles and rules of trading on financial markets. And we remind you that the company does not guarantee its liability for losses caused by extraordinary circumstances.